Mullin’s Helios Team Wins EnergyTech University Prize

Matthew Mullin and team Helios won the $25k EnergyTech UP bonus prize for their heliostat concept tech-to-market plan. The competition is sponsored and managed by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Technology Transitions. The competition includes:

184 student teams representing 124 schools competing in EnergyTech UP 2023. The teams—made up of multidisciplinary groups of post-secondary students—were tasked with identifying a DOE National Laboratory-developed or other high-potential energy technology, assessing its market potential, and pitching their strategy for commercialization to a panel of industry judges at a regional Explore Event.

One Regional Winner and several Bonus Prize Finalists were chosen in each of the 15 regions by a panel of industry judges. The final winners of the Bonus Prizes were then selected by the bonus prize’s corresponding DOE technology office.

Their development plan centers around a novel heliostat technology under development at the ESOL and SEL, and in collaboration with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. The concept lends itself to smaller-size systems than those used for commercial-scale electricity generation. Congratulations to Matthew!

Mullin profile picture
Matthew Mullin